Beijing Miyun a school car was rearranged 3 students were injured

Have seen an ambulance from the Miyun District hospital out
Beijing News (reporter Zhou Jiaqi) May 16 at 4 pm, Miyun District, a school bus was a truck rear-end. Yesterday, the official informed that after the accident, there are 15 students were sent to the hospital, three people due to minor injuries to further hospital treatment. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned from the Miyun District Board of Education, May 16 at 4 pm, in Miyun District Mujiayu town 101 National Road Wanling junction, a Hebei license truck and a Beijing license bus rear-end, one after another 15 primary school students Was taken to hospital for examination. Among them, 3 people due to facial scratches or dizziness, vomiting, hospital for further observation and treatment. Witnesses Mr. Wang told reporters yesterday afternoon at 4:30 Xu, he drove through the incident, see a license plate number for the Beijing AN3842 yellow school bus and an orange red truck stopped in the middle of the road, the body due to impact Severely deformed. "The rear of the school bus and the front of the truck were knocked into the concave, the middle low, both sides of the high, the windshield all broken, only the window frame." Mr. Wang said the scene to see two ambulances and more The police, health care workers are carrying an injured from the roadside to the ambulance. According to its memories, he drove through the incident before the point, had seen an ambulance from the Miyun District hospital out. "At that time the ambulance took the alarm, I gave it the way, has been driving in front of us." Later, he saw the ambulance stopped at the scene to start the rescue. At present, the cause of the accident is under further investigation.

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